The specially designed election pages (“Mandate 2014,” March 15) are informative. The article, “An election that nobody may win”, was interesting. As campaigning across India progresses, readers look forward to the essence of the electoral scene being captured.

Vathsala Jayaraman, Chennai

The initiative must be appreciated, but the media must be neutral on all issues and provide an objective analysis of developments.

Susheel Rao, Chennai

It was a delight to read the announcement on the three pages of coverage, which will rightly draw the attention of a majority of the 814.5 million eligible voters — to ensure good and exemplary governance. Voter turnout in all these years has not been spectacular as there is still frustration and apathy towards elections. Let us hope that The Hindu's correspondents are able to compare and contrast previous and current manifestoes, which will help voters assess candidates' and parties' performance with all the facts considered.

G. Rangarajan, Chennai

The content shows that there is potential for deep analysis. Many of us look forward to insights into issues and themes that preoccupy the minds of the electorate when people finally head to the polling booths on election day to cast their precious votes. Reporters must also focus on the problems that plague the common man vis-à-vis election promises.

S.R. Ravi, Chennai

The Hindu’s comprehensive analysis, assessment of candidates in the fray, and reports on various constituencies will without doubt help voters make informed and correct decisions.

R. Sivakumar, Chennai

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