The report “Where Sangh spins narratives of victimhood, belligerence” (Sept. 11) is one-sided. I was born and brought up in Muzaffarnagar and am quite familiar with “love jihad.”

It was not as if the BJP alone was responsible for the recent riots. The BSP, the Congress, and the SP were equally responsible and this has been reported widely.

Surbhit Gupta,


Love jihad has been in the news for quite some time in Kerala and Karnataka. Even if the Sangh is blowing it out of proportion, the common man knows that it exists.

M. Shanmuga Sundara Raman,


Chandra Mohan Sharma is making hollow statements to cover up the Sangh’s role in inciting communal riots. There is no such thing as “love jihad” in Islam. According to Islam, luring a na-mahram (people you can’t marry) is haram (prohibited). And this is what is taught in madrasas.

Other things taught in madrasas: grow a beard; wear kurta pajama, don’t wear jeans, t-shirt, and the like; wear a skull cap; and lower your gaze while walking in markets and similar places where the presence of girls is high. Can a girl be wooed by a person of such appearance? What is the source of Mr. Sharma’s claim that out of 100 girls who elope, 95 are Hindus who go with Muslim men?

And why did The Hindu publish the report on the front page?

Tanzeem ul Hasan,



>>A sentence in a letter that appeared under the headline “ Love ‘jihad’ “ (Sept. 12, 2013, Letters to the Editor) read: “According to Islam, luring a na-mahram (people you can’t marry) is haram (prohibited).” The letter writer, Tanzeem ul Hasan, has written to clarify that namehram means all women one can marry.

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