The discontent and dissatisfaction of Adivasis with the non-progressive Odisha government is clearly evident from the resignation en masse of panchayati raj representatives in Malkangiri (“In Malkangiri, losing the fight for hearts and minds,” May 15). When the government distances itself from people, they are drawn towards Naxalites.

Desperation and disaffection form the pith and marrow of agitations against the state. The State government should respond to people’s desperate calls and make them feel wanted. Only development activities involving more people can curb the spread of Naxalism.

R.S. Ayswarya,


It is saddening to learn about the plight of Adivasis in Malkangiri. The indifferent attitude of the State government to the district is unacceptable. Growth and development are a human right.

Sachin Kumar Agrawal,


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