The editorial (Aug. 4) on the supramolecule insulin assembly which in animal studies has shown the capacity to release insulin over a period of 120-140 days is most welcome for diabetics on insulin injections. However, there is one aspect which needs to be looked into in patients with diabetes. The very high post-prandial blood sugar peaks that occur among Indian patients due to the high carbohydrate intake during meals often require very fast-acting insulin to be given with meals. Therefore, future studies on Indian patients have to specifically determine whether these high post-prandial peaks can be controlled with this novel drug delivery mechanism. Even among insulin pump users, a shot of insulin called the bolus, is required several times a day to control these post-prandial peaks. If this supramolecule can control these peaks effectively it will be a real boon for insulin users.

Vijay Viswanathan,


It was heartening to read that the new insulin injection is yielding promising results in studies on animals. If it becomes successful, the traditional method of treating Type I diabetes with multiple injections of insulin every day can possibly be done away with. Human clinical trials are set to begin next year. Since the number of diabetic in India is rising by the year, this medicine will boost their morale.

E. Sunny Joseph,


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