The Lokpal fiasco is a pointer to the future (“K.T. Thomas refuses to head Lokpal search panel,” March 4). The way the government has gone about choosing names for the search committee defeats the noble purpose behind its constitution. The same problem is bound to occur with the proposed Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC). This shows the inherent weakness of the Lokpal and JAC pieces of legislation which the new Lok Sabha is expected to take cognisance of.

Jeevan D.,


The way the Congress has gone about selecting members of the Lokpal reveals its intention in planning a stranglehold even over the institution of the Lokpal just as it does over the CBI. The fact that the search committee itself has not got off the ground is a snub to the government. If the government really wishes to contain corruption, as is the will of the people, it should give serious thought to the observations and reservations of Mr. Fali Nariman and Justice K.T. Thomas.

B. Harish,

New Delhi

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