The editorial, “Fundamentally flawed” (Dec. 31), is an impartial exposition on the Lokpal issue. If the UPA government and the Opposition look forward to a peaceful finale, they should adjust themselves to the desire of the public, rather than turn the issue into a fight. Even Team Anna seems to be in discomfort, having lost ground support.

The government, the Opposition, and Team Anna should come up with a solution soon to end the uncertainty.

K.V. Unais Hudawi,


The ruckus in the Rajya Sabha, which culminated in the deferring of the Lokpal Bill, has once again exposed the true colours of our MPs. The Congress' refusal to go for a vote or extend the session beyond midnight and its playing the minority reservation card; the BJP pressing the red button at the decisive moment despite sharing the stage with Team Anna; the Trinamool Congress' Lokayukta excuse which it did not raise in the Lok Sabha; and the other parties' amendments ensured that the Bill was torpedoed.

Meraj Din Bhat,


At last, our MPs succeeded in deferring the Bill. The tragedy is that the anti-corruption campaign, which pushed political parties to the wall and got them engaged in the process of bringing up the Lokpal Bill, has lost its steam. It happened due to the holier-than-thou behaviour of Team Anna.

D.V.G. Sankararao,


Anna Hazare is also to blame for the death of the Lokpal Bill because he was adamant on his version. He failed to notice that the politicians who met him quite often spoke one thing to him and the opposite in Parliament. He failed to control the speeches and actions of his own team members. He refused to see the impossibility of including Group C and D employees within the ambit of the Lokpal; and he insisted that the Lokpal override Parliament.

P.R. Thiruvengadam,


While I am sure that no party will axe the branch on which it sits by passing Team Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill, a strong Lokpal Bill was, is and will be the ruling party's prerogative. Mr. Hazare could not have done anything more than rile the government over the issue.

Sushant Ahuja,

New Delhi

The UPA government tried to sneak in a weak Lokpal Bill and almost succeeded in its attempt. However, its inability to satisfy its own allies, especially the Trinamool, was the main cause for the debacle.

Capt. N. Viswanathan,


The government and the Opposition deserve to be congratulated on playing their roles well to defeat the Bill. People might have been deceived yet again by those at the helm but their spirit will not die anytime soon. India has woken up from its slumber, thanks to Mr. Hazare's efforts. Freedom was not won in a day.

Rubina Monga,


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