The inclusion of members of civil society in the joint committee set up to draft the Lokpal Bill is laudable. But don't we have enough laws to tackle corruption? It is those responsible for implementing the laws who are ineffective. Their attitude and penchant for making money have become rampant and made corruption acceptable. Unless their attitude changes, the Lokpal Bill is unlikely to have an impact.

A.P. Sukesh,



The presence of members of civil society in the committee, although highly desirable, gives it an extra-constitutional dimension. My fear, therefore, is that, if someone challenges the matter in the court, the notification may be struck down.

Drafting a bill to eradicate a social evil such as corruption is a political process meant to be undertaken by the elected representatives of people with ample provisions for consultation with civil society leaders. A new constitutional provision to permit the inclusion of members of civil society may be the need of the hour to avert any legal hassle.

Nainan P. Kurian,


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