The UPA government has a right and a duty to appoint the new Lokpal before its term of office ends (“Why the rush on Lokpal appointments, asks BJP,” April 21). Such action on the part of the government does not in any way influence the ongoing election process; nor does it fall under the category of election promises. As such, it does not amount to any violation of the Election Commission’s Model Code of Conduct as argued by the BJP. It is very clear that the BJP wants to “plant” its own candidate as the “maiden” Lokpal after the election and claim credit for it. Again, the objection expressed by some political parties against the UPA’s intention to appoint the new Army Chief before May 1 is untenable.

M. Somasekhar Prasad,

Badvel, Karnataka

No doubt the appointment of the Lokpal can wait, but why should the BJP fear it now? The Congress’ timing of the issue after scuttling it all along even when there was a nationwide agitation by the anti-corruption brigade, is obvious. The BJP’s seeing red has merit as the Congress, after belatedly sensing that corruption is the main issue in these elections, wants to go into damage-control mode after a multitude of scams. What both the parties have failed to realise is that today’s voter is far more smart than is being made out to be by some.

Sivamani Vasudevan,


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