The institution of marriage, in spite of all its limitations, needs to be upheld and protected until the world finds a better substitute. A new-born needs a family to grow up. It is the family that provides both bodily care and love and affection so vital for its growth. The live-in experiments of the West have done a lot of harm to the society there. We should learn from their experience and resolutely refuse to follow that example. The heads of all religions as well as all responsible citizens should express their displeasure at the Supreme Court's observations.

Fr. William,


Society has undergone a transformation in the past few years and the so-called ‘sane sex order' is no longer relevant or practicable. Definition of morality has changed and so has the mindset of the young and the old in the area of sexual behaviour. The failed court cases against actor Kushboo and recent the Supreme Court comments on premarital sex and live-in relationships amply illustrate the case in point. As Oscar Wilde pointed out, ‘morality is lack of opportunity.' The social behaviour that we see today exemplifies this point. Those who are taking the moral high ground should see the realities of life. Decades ago, Bertrand Russel advocated ‘trial marriage' — couples living together for three months before deciding to get married so that conflicts and misunderstandings and divorce could be reduced to the minimum. This was vehemently objected to then, but its relevance is being understood today.

S.S.K. Ayyar,


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