One wonders what purpose was served by discussing the Liberhan Commission report in Parliament, after 17 years of the Babri Masjid demolition. Communal tensions have existed in India ever since Pakistan was partitioned and thousands of lives were lost on both sides, thanks to the hatred spread by selfish politicians and religious fanatics. So many inquiry commissions have been constituted to probe communal disturbances but no useful purpose has been served by any of them except perhaps triggering a heated debate in Parliament at the cost of the exchequer.

People are more concerned about price rice, the quality of life, unemployment, population growth and recession. But our politicians’ priorities seem to lie elsewhere.

V. Gopalan,


A commission report will be of some use only if it is released within three months of the occurrence of an incident. All that the Liberhan report has done is to lead to political mudslinging and wastage of valuable time in Parliament.

T.V. Suresh,


Instead of utilising the precious time of the Lok Sabha for constructive purposes, the UPA government and the principal Opposition are indulging in a wasteful exercise over the Liberhan report. There is no need for a debate on a shameful episode which tarnished India’s secular credentials beyond repair. The setting up of the commission itself was unnecessary, because there was no fresh evidence to be dug out to name the perpetrators. The whole world knows that the BJP and its saffron allies were responsible for razing the mosque.

Capt. T. Raju (retd.),


People are not fools to believe that the demolition was the result of public anger, as claimed by the BJP. It was well-planned and orchestrated. So many people could not have assembled at the Ayodhya site with sledgehammers and other tools, that too, in the presence of top leaders. Roadblocks to prevent the security forces from reaching the site could not have been put up spontaneously either.

V. Hari Haran,


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