The arguments in the article “The false allure of liberating CBI” (May 7) are far-fetched and divorced from the realities of the prevailing political culture. In a country where the executive is feared to have acted in violation of rules, resulting in a loss of revenue to the exchequer or undue favours to individuals; where the government is keen on burying its head in the sand and the disruptive Opposition is in no mood to use Parliament as a people’s forum; and where political parties have no compunctions about making alliances of convenience, the only source of remedy is the judiciary. It was entirely out of selfishness and expediency that the government and the Opposition closed ranks on the Lok Pal debate in Parliament, torpedoing the demand for bringing the CBI under an independent ombudsman.

S. Balu,


The suggestion that the Prime Minister would have perhaps sought the Law Minister’s resignation if it wasn’t for the BJP baying for his blood loudly is amusing. Manmohan Singh may be a hardcore Congressman but one would expect a Prime Minister to do what is right for the country, not what is necessary for his party’s survival.

V. Vijay,

New Delhi

What the citizens are clamouring for is honesty in the public sphere. Yes, some of us would like the Ministers to take responsibility for their actions. The 2G scam, Coalgate, Railgate and the CBI ‘report-gate’ have beaten us black and blue. Continuing corruption makes us wonder whether the Indian democratic system will ever work for the common citizen.

G. Parameswaran,


There is a huge expectation that the Supreme Court will take appropriate action to “liberate” the CBI. Even those who are aware of the separation of powers are advocating some concrete action by the court. Amid all this, Harish Khare’s article reminded us that the way to liberate the CBI from the clutches of politicians should be evolved by parliamentary activity rather than judicial intervention.

Chandra Prakash Trivedi,

New Delhi

The CBI is a department that functions under the Central government and is bound to obey its diktats. The government should be honest. Can honesty be always imposed by courts?

R.M. Murthy,


When no law confers any autonomy on the CBI, which functions with state funds under the supervision of the government, I do not understand why such a hue and cry is being raised over the Law Minister vetting a report. Does a statutory, independent and autonomous investigative agency, funded by the government but absolutely free from its control, exist in any country?

S.P. Asokan,


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