The article, “Standing tall in a concrete jungle,” (June 14) is a poignant cry to protect trees that are indiscriminately felled in the name of urbanisation in cities. Pouring concrete over the roots of trees is like pulling the plug on a patient on life support. More often than not, afforestation programmes sponsored by governments fail to replenish the bare areas. Urban neighbourhoods must take up the responsibility of preserving and replanting trees.



The article rightly points out urban dwellers’ apathy towards trees. It reminds me of the lush green Gulmohar tree in front of my house in Delhi. My neighbours gave me an odd reason for chopping it down; they said they disliked the fact that the leaves littered their car! The family on the first floor said cutting down the tree would prevent thieves from climbing up to their house. Today, while temperatures soar, I wish there were trees on both sides of the road.

Sweety Gupta,

New Delhi

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