Eunuchs should, in my opinion, be included under the “persons with disabilities” category and given benefits/facilities to integrate them into the mainstream. They no doubt suffer a host of prejudices and a consequent deprivation of legitimate opportunities in life. As a result, many of them do not make their “gender” public and disguise themselves as male/female. Those who have the courage to do so accept their status and end up being objects of ridicule.

Even the Supreme Court turned them away by dismissing a writ petition for equal rights, saying that such demands are best dealt with by Parliament under the oft-repeated (but oft-violated) doctrine of separation of powers.

Rajesh Asudani,


* * *

The Election Commission’s decision to give the choice of registering as “others” for transsexuals is welcome. Though “others” occupy some government sector jobs, they are still not accepted widely. The EC move will give them the due recognition.

K. Lakshmi Sree Vani,


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