Although one agrees with Vinod Bhanu’s contention that the Legislative Councils are constitutionally inferior, bracketing Nitish Kumar with Akhilesh Yadav or even Manmohan Singh is incorrect (“Leadership that suffers a legitimacy deficit,” Jan. 9). In 2010, the JD(U)-BJP alliance won almost 85 per cent of the seats (206 of 243) in Bihar, with no other party even reaching the mark of 25 to claim the status of the Opposition in the State Legislature.

People returned Mr. Kumar — a highly efficient, democratic Chief Minister — to power. It would be a folly to say that his decision to remain a member of the Legislative Council undermines his democratic integrity.

Shakti Singh,


The author does make a very convincing case by questioning the legitimacy of the posts of Prime Minister and Chief Ministers of some States being occupied by individuals who have not been directly elected. The British Prime Minister must be, without exception, an elected member of the House of Commons. It may be recalled that Winston Churchill did not want to become a Peer because that would have automatically disqualified him for the post of Prime Minister.

V. Nagarajan,


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