The landmark ruling by the Supreme Court that has recognised the transgender community as a third gender is a progressive move (April 16). It is hoped that the ruling will help bring them into the mainstream and also help sensitise the public on gender issues.

Geethu Issac,


Let us hope that the community will now take steps to live a life of dignity and improve its own conditions. In Bangalore, as in many other cities, it is common to see many of them seeking alms and harassing people. It seems to be an easy way out for them to earn a living. Government bodies should now group them and educate them to earn a decent living.

G. Venkatakuppuswamy,


In Indian cinema, there are a number of films that degrade the transgender community on the basis of their behaviour. Following the Supreme Court judgment, the media, especially the cinema industry, should stop humiliating them.

Bala Sutharsan N.,


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