While Sections 375 and 376 of the Indian Penal Code are the major laws dealing with rape, they have failed to match the international standards of addressing the crime. The understanding of sexual abuse and violence goes far beyond the outdated notion of penal/vaginal penetration in progressive countries. Legal theorists and experts of jurisprudence include the immense humiliation caused to the victim within the ambit of the legal definition of rape. There is no best time to take action. Let us do it before the dignity of more women is sacrificed.

Devarshi Mukhopadhyay,


Any new law on rape should include the conduct of the defence lawyer and bar unethical questions against the rape victim. If an FIR is registered against a person in a rape case, he should be automatically disqualified from contesting elections. Fast track courts should be established in all High Courts and judgment delivered within three months. A trust should be established by the Centre. District Collectors should be given the power to draw money to help the victims’ family. They should arrange for the victims’ treatment in the best hospital.

K. Santhanakrishnan,


Keywords: rape case

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