The Tamil Nadu government’s move to notify rules to create special facilities for the disabled in urban local bodies (Feb. 25) is laudable. More laudable is the 180-day deadline for implementation. Understanding the needs and acknowledging the dignity of the disabled show the government is keen on including them in the mainstream. Tamil Nadu has set a great example for other States.

Shashank Chauhan,


On reading The Hindu editorial on Monday, my wife said she would have “fed a spoonful of sugar” to the Editor had she been able to. This is perhaps the first time attention has been drawn to the fact that disability is not confined to impairment of some sort, she said. She should know. Due to knee trouble and arthritis, she had to stop going to banks, shops, etc., because she could not climb stairs. Almost all marriage halls have many steps. Restrooms are Indian style in many buildings.

This is to thank the Tamil Nadu government for notifying the rules and The Hindu for making readers realise the wider meaning of disability.

T.V. Shankar Narayanan,


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