For quite a while, there has been a controversy over the issue of judges disclosing their assets publicly. The Hindu deserves praise for giving due prominence to the issue and adequate coverage to the views expressed by people belonging to all sections. To crown it all, it published two articles (“Everything for justice” by V.R. Krishna Iyer on August 31 and “The judges’ assets imbroglio” by Anil Divan on September 1). If Justice Iyer conveyed his message in his own inimitable style, Mr. Divan furnished an excellent chronological account, starting from the application made by S.C. Agrawal. The readers have surely become enlightened on the issue.

K.D. Viswanaathan,


The decision of the Supreme Court judges to list their assets on the website is indeed a positive step forward in ensuring transparency. It has enhanced the image of the august institution.

Saurabh Meena,

New Delhi

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