I appreciate the cause taken up by Markandey Katju (“The court of last resort,” April 9). Often we come across reports that journalists, minorities, Adivasis, and young Kashmiris are implicated in false cases and are made to languish in jails for years. Does the government have any special packages to rehabilitate them when they are released after being proved innocent? If lakhs can be spent on Ajmal Kasab’s trial, why shouldn’t our own people get proper trials and their innocence be proved?

Budhaditya Mukherjee


The court of last resort will be a trendsetter in the field of judicial governance. The news of the 17-year-old who was implicated in a crime and had to spend 14 years in jail was heart-breaking.

Such instances are not uncommon. As Indians, we must appreciate the efforts being made by Justice Katju and like-minded persons to establish justice and fair play.

D. Chitran,


The court will be of immense support and solace to innocent victims of police high-handedness. But the long-term goal should be to bring in comprehensive reforms in policing.

The government should strive to bring in certain simple reforms in the investigation of terror cases — not disclosing the names and photographs of suspects, keeping their family informed, fixing the responsibility in cases of false implications, barring the media from coming to conclusions even before the investigations begin, and so on.

Muhammed Yunus Mulla,


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