In view of the post-Godhra riots of 2002, Mr. Modi’s projection as the future Prime Minister of India does not behove the secular tradition of our nation. But his remark about Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (“Modi tears into ‘family,’ calls Manmohan nightwatchman,” March 4) is a naked truth. It is obvious that Dr. Singh takes orders from the U.S. and the “family.” It is time our people changed their either-Congress-or-the- BJP mindset and opted for a suitable alternative.

P. Govindankutty,


Mr. Modi always assumes a larger-than-life image and the BJP’s National Council meeting added to his impetus. Promoting a person, whose image stands tarnished after the Gujarat riots, as a national leader in a secular and plural country is not a good sign. Having him at the helm will spell calamity. His vitriolic and unbridled speech on Sunday was only a sample of what is in store.

V. Paul Rajaiah,


Although Mr. Modi’s political ambitions are too well known, the National Council meet was neither the right place nor the right time to make a show of them. No doubt, the Gujarat hat-trick is a feather in Mr. Modi’s cap. But the BJP needs to overcome infighting in the party, make efforts to take all sections into confidence and, above all, author an imaginative manifesto. Only then can it project Mr. Modi as its prime ministerial candidate. Any premature efforts would be counter-productive.

M. Somasekhar Prasad,


As a person who has travelled extensively in Gujarat, I can vouch that Mr. Modi is quite a phenomenon in the State. He has support across religious groups. People swear by his governance. It is not as if corruption is non-existent there. But it is under control. The statistics on development is impressive. Food, clothing, and transportation are cheaper. Gujarat is safe — except perhaps during communal riots. Development is all-round, not specific to cities. Today Mr. Modi is the BJP for the grassroot level party workers. There are many non-political citizens who want to give him a chance at the Centre.

Judish Raj,


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