The article “Issues raised by l’affaire Dinakaran” by V.R. Krishna Iyer (Sept. 18) reflects the apprehensions of the common man who wants the appointment of judges, especially to the higher judiciary, to be transparent.

It is time the government gave a serious thought to Justice Iyer’s suggestion of appointing three commissions — for the appointment of judges, assessing their performance, and for independent enquiry into their assets and liabilities. As rightly pointed out: “Not one bad robe should be allowed to tarnish a great institution.”

D. Samuel Lawrence,


Justice Iyer has, in the context of the Justice P.D. Dinakaran episode, rightly pointed out that the public loses respect for the judicature if there is one corrupt judge. Judges should be of unimpeachable character.

Since the allegations levelled against Justice Dinkaran are serious, it would only be proper to probe them thoroughly.

Dilbag Rai,


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