It was satisfying that the Supreme Court quashed the criminal cases against actor Kushboo for expressing her views on pre-marital sex. At the same time, it was surprising to see so many letters expressing themselves against live-in relationships in India. Live-in relationships can be shocking apparently, but they are neither superficial, nor an easy task. It can be equated to a marriage in many ways. Those who live together have more faith in their relationship than a piece of paper called ‘marriage certificate.' Can a certificate alone bind a woman and man together in marriage? Many marriages are totally dysfunctional in our society with the partners putting up with each other out of fear or compulsion. Many families have children who have to undergo mental agony because parents are not able to get along with each other.

Sumathi Chandrashekaran,


The verdict is correct from an individual's point of view, as every citizen is entitled to the freedom of expression. However, views endorsed or uttered by celebrities, politicians and people of repute on matters not covered under criminal offence will have far-reaching consequences. The fundamental right of an individual is important, but more important is how one exercises that right. It cannot be at the cost of scandalising the people around.

S. Irudaya Selvaraj,


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