External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna made a significant point when he asked why go to Australia for pursuing courses in hairstyling and facial. It is obvious that at least a section of people uses the opportunity to study abroad not for getting a qualitative professional education but for migrating. It is a blot on the image of India. Such acts by a small number of Indian students have perhaps provoked the unemployed locals.

R. Gopinathan,


I strongly disagree with Mr. Krishna. I may like a country and opt to pursue a course in hairstyling there. Do I deserve to be killed by a racist for doing that? I think the Minister should be more concerned about the action taken by Australia to put an end to the killings there, rather than finding fault with Indian parents and students.

Maubani Dutta,

New Delhi

Students who go abroad for study spend their own money, or avail themselves of huge bank loans. They do so not for fancy but due to the lack of opportunity in India.

N. Ramamurthy,


Students who wish to go abroad have many options to study in India itself, so says Mr. Krishna. But the question whether anything can be achieved by studying here remains. Only recently, Nobel laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan said there is too much bureaucracy and intervention of local politics in India, which dither Indian scientists from returning.

Varun Dambal,


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