The “encounter killing” of five men, suspected to be involved in two bank robberies in Chennai, by police is not only shocking but also baffling. Why did the police resort to the extreme step? The men holed up in the apartment were robbers, not extremists. They did not plant any bombs, kill innocent people or get involved in anti-national activities. Did the police exhaust all other options before gunning them down? Why did they not coerce them to surrender? The Chennai police need to come clean on the episode.

Wing Commander

S. Harshavardhan,


How did the police conclude that the five men were ‘robbers?' How are we to know whether they were indeed involved in the robbery, now that they have been gunned down without investigation?

If such ‘encounter' deaths are encouraged, police can close all files by killing anybody and claiming that he or she was involved in a crime. We will need no courts, lawyers, and judges. A gun will do.

H. Umar Farook,


The use of force by police as a short-cut method to deal with burgeoning crime and terrorism remains a matter of serious concern. No matter how justified an encounter killing appears, there will always be individuals or groups ready to question the police action. What people want is a clear-cut, convincing answer for the action.

K. Suresh Babu,


It was unfair on the part of the Chennai police to gun down the five men. They were unemployed Indians. Look how another State is giving five-star treatment to Ajmal Kasab who killed and maimed several people in the 26/11 terror attack. The young men did not deserve to be killed in a bloody encounter.

J. Ranjit,


Police Commissioner Tripathy and his team did a commendable job by eliminating all those involved in the bank robberies. The action will send a strong message to all potential criminals. All establishments, particularly banks and jewellery shops, must install the requisite security apparatus.

R. Ramanathan,


The Chennai police have once again proved their mettle. The co-ordinated team work deserves appreciation. The robbers got what they deserved. At least now, all banks and jewellery shops should take immediate steps to increase security. It is not possible for police to guard every commercial establishment.

Tilak Subramanian,


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