With his decision to quit over the failure of the Jan Lokpal Bill, Mr. Kejriwal has shattered the hopes of the aam aadmi. Despite being aware of the problems of governance — having been a civil servant — he has displayed a surprising lack of pragmatism. By giving up halfway, he has demoralised those who aspire to enter politics with the aim of bringing about change. His confrontationist style of politics was bound to create problems. Corruption cannot be tackled by just passing a Jan Lokpal bill. What is needed is working towards bringing about systemic changes.

M.S. Dineshkumar,


Barely two months after being elected in Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has saddened many of us by resigning. While he may have created a constitutional crisis in the NCT, we must remember that he was doing it for the aam aadmi.

His aims and actions deserve wholehearted praise, but, in my opinion, he was surrounded by people utilising him to meet their selfish ends.

Manjeet Hooda,


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