The dharna in Delhi led by the Aam Aadmi Party has come as a major embarrassment to the Central government. Chief Minister Kejriwal’s demand that the Delhi Police be brought under the Delhi government’s control is absolutely just, but his approach could have been more subdued and prudent. It is high time the Centre realised that the world is watching the AAP closely, and it has the potential to bring the Congress government at the Centre into more disrepute.

Rekha Chari Sairaman,


The sit-in led by the Delhi Chief Minister and his colleagues amounts to constitutional anarchy and pure gimmickry. The charade enacted by Somnath Bharti and Rakhi Birla to dictate terms to the police was nothing but sheer lawlessness in the guise of standing up for the public interest. Mr. Kejriwal is shirking his governance duties to defend the brash acts of his partymen. The party is making a mess of Delhi in a bid to remain in power. They deserve to be taught a lesson and exposed for making false promises, and be rejected in the Lok Sabha elections.

Bhagwan Thadani,


Governing a diverse country like ours is a complex task. Blatant aggression in the name of “sweeping reforms” will not be effective. The existing system is plagued by inertia, which has to be removed with tactical acumen. Broomsticks can sweep the floor alright, but flailing the cleaning implement in a haphazard manner will clean less and kick up even more dust. And once the dust settles, where will Delhi be left?

R.K. Murthy,


The do-gooders of the AAP bandwagon lack experience and managerial expertise. Mr. Kejriwal must realise that his role as Chief Minister goes beyond being a regular party member. He has been given an opportunity to make changes at the official and legal level. As the man in charge, he must properly channel his powers to end the corruption in the system. Holding dharnas and arguing with the local police are not signs of a mature leader, and such acts can potentially demoralise people.

J. Akshay,



‘Anarchist’ CM plunges Delhi into chaosJanuary 20, 2014

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