It is extremely shocking to see the despicable attitude of some of our own people (“Stamp out kangaroo courts,” Jan. 25). This reveals the hidden intent of some of our countrymen who believe that just because they are men, exploiting women is something they are entitled to.

Amending rape laws will not serve the purpose till the mindset changes. For this, the most important step to be taken is creating awareness by educating people. Our politicians need to act to improve the fraught condition of women in their constituencies.

Deepti Dadhwal, Chandigarh

The sad side to this is that the people in Birbhum never saw this act as one of callousness. To the contrary, they took it as a legitimate one. In fact, kangaroo courts exist not only in West Bengal but also elsewhere. Mere enactment of laws will not deter the perpetrators of such atrocities. The time is ripe to initiate a cultural movement against such anarchy.

Dr. V. Pankunni, Palakkad

A concerted effort involving the polity, civic society and the media is required to take on these anachronistic kangaroo courts, which derive their legitimacy from a feudal past when there was no Constitution. It will be worthwhile to empower panchayati raj institutions to change their orientation, from working for only infrastructure development to also including social development.

Mahfooz Farzana, Gaya, Bihar

It is the local leadership and State governments that have nurtured and kept alive an arbitrary justice system in parts of rural India. Under the garb of distinctive customs, tribal people have been kept ignorant about constitutional law. NGOs that fight for their rights do not pay enough attention to making them aware of changing social realities. This paves the way for tribal leaders to establish their own regime over their community and rule in a whimsical manner, which may benefit some but worsen the life of others. Policies meant to assimilate tribes into the mainstream need to be given more emphasis.

Yogeshwar Tompe, Nanded, Maharashtra

Gang rape as a measure of punishment imposed by a kangaroo court is the most brutal and inhuman act that could ever happen in a democratic state. It smacks of the extreme feudal mindset of a certain section of the country’s population.

Seshagiri Row Karry, San Jose, California

It is because of such a lawless system and unruly society that Phoolan Devi, a household woman, became a dacoit. The rest is history.

Deepjot Singh Thukral, Ambala Cantt, Haryana

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