This refers to Sajjan Kumar’s acquittal in a 1984 riot case against Sikhs (“Justice delayed, justice denied,” May 2). The Sikh community has safeguarded the country’s interests at the time of need but the country has not done justice to it.

Many sections of the Sikh youth are already obsessed with the separatist leaders of yesteryear and feel proud to carry their pictures. The session court verdict will only harden them further.

Deepjot Singh Thukral


Rajiv Gandhi not only failed to condemn the gruesome killing of Sikhs but justified it in his address to the nation after the assassination of Indira Gandhi. People made him victorious in the election that followed.

But even after 29 years, our judiciary has been able to bring five culprits to book. Although there is a delay, an effort has been made to impart justice for which we should thank the architects of the Constitution.

S.K. Narula,

New Delhi

The influential among the law-breakers are confident that they can escape punishment, thanks to the inordinate delay in delivering the final verdict. The complicated procedures, endless number of adjournments on flimsy grounds and many layers of appeal help the offenders.

Rameeza A. Rasheed,


The 1984 riots were brutal and most unfortunate. The prolonged delay in the trial has eroded people’s trust in the criminal justice system.

But emotional outbursts will not bring justice; the aggrieved should be prepared for a tough war in higher courts.

Anchit Mathur,

New Delhi

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