This refers to the searches conducted by the CBI in Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Noida in connection with the 2G spectrum scam. It appears that it is playing cops and robbers. The searches should have been conducted as soon as the news of scam broke, not after so many days. Only a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe can get to the bottom of the massive scam. The Centre should accept the Opposition's demand.

R. Lenin,


It is still not too late for the government to accept the Opposition's demand. It is important for it to regain people's confidence. It can do so by constituting a JPC and identifying the beneficiaries of the spectrum scam, and restoring the losses to the national exchequer.

K. Ravindranathan,


Sonia Gandhi's statement that nothing should be done to denigrate the institution of Prime Minister will not put the scam out of focus as the combined Opposition is unlikely to be impressed. The principle of collective responsibility puts the onus on the Prime Minister to initiate action on the issue. The UPA government could have easily accepted the demand for a JPC probe. Its obstinacy, coupled with the Opposition's obduracy to stall Parliament, has led to a huge waste of the taxpayers' money.

B. Raghavendra Rao,


If the UPA government is indeed clean, it should constitute a JPC, rather than stonewalling the Opposition. Doing so will improve its image in the eyes of the people. Its obstinate ‘no' leads one to conclude that it wants to save someone by hook or by crook.

L.R. Moorthy,


It is surprising to find many readers believing that a JPC probe is the answer to the spectrum issue. The Opposition is demanding a JPC probe only to embarrass the government, not to find solutions. The Supreme Court-monitored CBI probe is better than a JPC probe as the probability of uncovering the scandal is much higher.

D. Subramaniam,


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