The brutal murder of senior journalist Jyotirmoy Dey is yet another proof of the increasing dominance of the underworld in Mumbai. That there is a growing nexus between the underworld and the official establishment is well known. A strong political will combined with some decisive action to create a healthy environment is the need of the hour. A speedy investigation may bring some seriousness to the issue but the larger question of transparency and accountability will remain.

R. Girish,


Dey's murder has reopened the question of security of the common man. Law-enforcement agencies spend a huge amount of taxpayers' money in modernisation. But they hardly deliver. The attack on the journalist in broad daylight was shocking. Journalists are the voice of the voiceless. Increasing attacks on the media, the kidnap and killing of journalists, threatening their families are all signs of intolerance and deliberate attempts to silence the media.

Syed Khaja,

New Delhi

It is impossible to commit such blatant crimes without the knowledge of those in high places. One wonders whether we really enjoy freedom of speech.

Rahul Jain,

New Delhi

Journalism is dangerous in Pakistan because the fundamentalists there don't like the truth. India is dangerous for journalists who expose the unholy nexus between police and criminals. In Kerala, V.B. Unnithan, a journalist of a leading regional daily, was nearly murdered for writing against some police officials.

C.V. Sukumaran,



Silencing the mediaJune 14, 2011

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