Jaswant Singh’s book on Mohammad Ali Jinnah has triggered an interesting debate. Jinnah was an illustrious leader. His contribution to India’s freedom struggle is a fact of history. But has Pakistan — which he was instrumental in creating — enjoyed the fruits of independence? The nation is in the midst of a political turmoil. For any act of terrorism in any part of the world, terrorists operating from its soil are suspected of involvement. Can Jinnah be blamed for this? India too has had its share of misfortunes. The Kashmir issue is a perennial headache for our government.

Politicians should put an end to the controversy and stop commenting on our erstwhile leaders. They should concentrate on the political and economic issues that ravage the country.

S. Nagarajan,


The Supreme Court’s notice to the Gujarat government on a petition challenging the ban on Jaswant Singh’s book is welcome. However, Mr. Singh and the book’s publishers should note that the book is gaining more publicity because of the media coverage of the ban. They may be able to sell more copies in other States and abroad because of the ban.

Varad Seshadri,


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