The expulsion of Jaswant Singh from the BJP is very unfortunate (“Jaswant Singh expelled from the BJP for six years,” March 30). The intolerance of the BJP was exposed in 2009 itself when it expelled Mr. Singh for authoring the book, Jinnah: India, Partition, Independence, wherein he was in conflict with the party’s ideology. Ever since his re-entry into the BJP in 2010, Mr. Singh has been in poor light. There is little doubt that earnest leaders of the BJP are being sacrificed for the sake of Narendra Modi’s elevation.

M. Xavier,

Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

To ensure that an organisation survives forever, seniors should renounce their posts, guide youngsters and make way for them. The latest crisis in the BJP is due to the absence of such guidelines and a generation gap. It is winnability, not seniority, that earns a seat for a candidate. Jaswant Singh should understand this reality and accept that no individual is bigger than the party.

Bhanamma Aravinda Bai,


Jaswant Singh’s tirade against the BJP was not in good taste at all. The party has given him a lot of respect and power over time. No individual is above the party. Mr. Singh could well have contested in Darjeeling, from where he won last time, and saved himself this embarrassment.

R. Chandrasekaran,


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