While a very large number of people heading to the Delhi Secretariat to attend the AAP government’s interactive event on Saturday is an indicator of the high hopes that they have of the new government, it is unfortunate that it ended in chaos (“AAP’s experiment ends in chaos”, Jan. 12).

The intention was good, though the execution could have been better, with the help of proper arrangements. The BJP calling it a ‘political stunt’ shows its intolerance for the AAP’s rising popularity levels.

A. Jainulabdeen,


The news that the janata durbar had to be cancelled mid-way, betrays two things. One, the two successive periods of Congress rule have left behind an unimaginably large number of public grievances. Two, Mr. Kejriwal has neither the administrative capacity nor vision to tackle the issues. He only has gimmicks to hoodwink the people. Such janata durbars have been held in many States without hassles.

N.R. Sathyamurty,


The janata durbar is another people-centric initiative by a visionary leader to put into practice the basic tenets of the Constitution.

It needs support and not criticism like that levelled against it by the opposition. The durbar will surely result in the dream of inclusive democracy getting realised.

Tariq Ahmad Lone,


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