The latest terror attack in Jammu is a reminder of the fact that India is facing an uphill task in the northern State of J&K. Some have said the attack is a ploy to derail the India-Pakistan peace process. Our political leadership should tell us how much we are expected to tolerate and sacrifice in order to have peace with Pakistan. We have the right to know from the Prime Minister why terror attacks keep taking place even though he has been talking peace with Pakistan for 10 years.

If one section has the right to say there is no alternative other than talks, I, as a citizen, have an equal right to say I do not want our soldiers to be butchered every now and then.

Deba Prasad Bhanja,


Terrorism is undeniably the greatest challenge to the world. All countries should make earnest efforts to eliminate jihadi outfits that use violence to intimidate a population or government.

A lot is being done but much more needs to be done. A serious political will is required to root out terrorism.

Shubhendu Shukla,


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