Pranab Mukherjee is all set to become the next President. With Mulayam Singh fooling Mamata Banerjee, the BSP supporting the Congress nominee and the BJP also likely to support him if Abdul Kalam declines to contest, the decks have been cleared for Mr. Mukherjee who deserves to be elected to the august office.

A. Srikantaiah,


Mr. Mukherjee is the ideal candidate for President. He has many years of political experience. He is well known and enjoys a good reputation in not only our country but also abroad.

As one who is familiar with the country's problems, he will be able to tackle and confront them easily. His elevation will also pave the way for a new Finance Minister. One can hope some new trends will emerge on the economic front too.

Saarang Rahul,


The drama surrounding the selection of a presidential candidate has exposed the weak foundations and serious contradictions in UPA-II (“Presidential twist,” June 15). The manner in which Ms Banerjee dragged the names of a former President and an incumbent Prime Minister speaks volumes about her political theatrics. Her obsessive opposition to a political stalwart like Mr. Mukherjee has tarnished her image.

The UPA-II should have managed things better and tried to evolve a consensus both within the coalition and across the political spectrum. A President elected unanimously or through a contest should reflect the collective conscience of the nation. This spirit is missing and it is disturbing.

A. Raghunatha Reddy,


Ms Banerjee got the attention of the whole nation when she defeated the Left Front in West Bengal. There is no doubt that she is a tireless fighter with commitment and dedication. At the same time, she has proved that she is hasty. As an ally of the UPA government, she should have stuck to the coalition's choice of presidential candidate.

Mr. Mukherjee is a widely accepted candidate. He has rich political experience, tolerance and wisdom in tackling issues amicably. He has clear vision about the country and its culture. He has an unblemished political record. Ms Banerjee needs to cultivate patience and tolerance. She should support Mr. Mukherjee.

K. Mallikarjuna Reddy,


The tussle among political parties over the choice of a presidential candidate left much to be desired. While not going into the merits of the candidates whose names were thrown up, I believe that when you are in a coalition, you either go along with the majority view or quit.

Ms Banerjee should change her attitude if she wants to be seen as a credible leader.

M. Meenakshisundaram,


India requires an honest, upright and learned visionary as President. Let all political parties put aside their differences and come together to elect a tall leader instead of bickering in public and sabotaging our proud heritage and legacy.

M. Mangalaprathaban,


The President's post has always been seen as a prestigious and honourable one. But going by the number games we saw in the last few days, it has surely lost its charm and sheen. When I was watching the news two days ago, a 12-year-old asked me when the presidential candidates would start campaigning. I thought the day was not far away.

A. Krishna Karthik,



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