Once again Pakistan has walked India to the talk without yielding an inch of ground. It is a repeat of Sharm-el Sheikh. By agreeing to talk, India has weakened its stand against bringing the master minds behind the Mumbai attack . It has also diluted its resolve in getting the terror infrastructure and the terrorist training camps dismantled which never ceased to function from across the border. Despite India's enormous pressure on Pakistan for credible action against the perpetrators of Mumbai attack, Islamabad took India for a ride by arresting and releasing Hafiz Saeed. India has nothing to gain from the talks while Pakistan has.

A. Thirugnanasambantham,


Various media reports on the recently concluded SAARC summit at Thimpu have carried photographs of Manmohan Singh and Gilani displaying the usual bonhomie. Such scenes have been enacted at every international meeting and they make good material for consumption by the gullible public. The Pakistan Prime Minister plays his part at such meetings for Washington's benefit, while nothing has changed in Islamabad's attitude to New Delhi because back home it is the anti-India posture that ensures votes. Besides, the 1971 politico-military defeat at India's hands still rankles and only a part of the “revenge” has been achieved through successful terrorist strikes in India. Dr. Manmohan Singh, for his part, plays it to America's and our own domestic galleries. In reality, he is ever willing to “walk the extra mile,” as such a stance ensures votes.

Jayanta Dutt,


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