Two murders, likely to be the result of violent mugging, have been reported and the victims are Indians. Immediately, the media go ballistic without waiting for the submission of even preliminary investigation reports. The electronic media have scant regard for objectivity. This attitude may make the alleged racist perpetrators of such crimes more aggressive and publicity-happy, resulting in further crimes. The way the Australian nation is being generally vilified may even turn popular public opinion there against Indians. Resident Indians are starting to feel a growing resentment. This has been reflected in the Australian authorities’ press statement, which was blatantly in denial of any probability of a racist motivation for the attack.

The real reason why many Indians go to Australia (purportedly for “studies”) is emigration; the courses they take up are just an alibi for gaining access to that country. Many of their incomes are illegal, making them soft targets for muggers.

Mahesh Raj,


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