Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde’s statement that the RSS and the BJP run training camps which promote “Hindu terrorism” has stirred a hornets’ nest. He should have provided proof, if any, to back his claim. In the absence of that, his comment is highly irresponsible. The only thing Mr. Shinde can do now is clarify and apologise. He must also understand that the involvement of a few Hindus in terror acts does not mean the entire community is culpable.

Mahesh M. Bhakthan,


A Minister should be judicious while making a comment publicly. It is irrelevant at this point of time to speak of “links” between the RSS and Hindutva extremists. We must contradict statements that have no legal basis. Instead of saying anything defamatory with a view to destabilising the BJP, Mr. Shinde should focus on his ministerial agenda keeping 2014 in mind.

Debajyoti Bhattacharyya,


It is a known fact that the RSS is a disciplined, patriotic organisation and its members have pledged to protect the nation in times of calamities. The exchange of words between the Congress and the BJP will only benefit our enemies.

P.K. Syam Kumar,


Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, leader of Jamaat-ud-Da’wa, has already taken advantage of Mr. Shinde’s comments. He has gone to the extent of appealing to the international community to declare that India supports terrorism on its soil. Politicising sensitive issues will dent the government’s credentials.

S. Prince Ezrah,


Mr. Shinde’s comment is unfortunate. It can create fear in the minds of the minorities and polarise people further. Radical groups will use such comments to exploit the insecurity or fear among the minorities. Keep religion out of politics.

Vivek Meel,


The words from the Home Minister of India should flow with abundant clarity and caution. He should not express his views like any other politician. If he really meant what he said, he should take steps to dismantle the training camps ostensibly being organised by the RSS and the BJP and show the results to the country. Or else, he should apologise to the nation for his casual utterance with a view to gaining political mileage. Hafiz Saeed has already taken advantage of his statement.

T.S.C. Bose,


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