Iran's strides in nuclear programme have escalated tensions between Iran and the West, not between Iran and the world as is being made out. The U.S.-Israel combine's opposition to Iran's uranium enrichment programme is premised on the assumption that nuclear rights are exclusive and not universal.

The international community cannot acquiesce in the West's harsh measures and leave Iran to the mercies of the imperialist powers. It is an open secret that Washington is bringing pressure on New Delhi to help isolate Tehran. India should resist it and persuade the U.S. to try the diplomatic route to de-escalate tensions.

G. David Milton,


The Indus and the Persian civilisations enjoyed a good relationship even before the U.S. and Israel emerged on the world map. Unnecessary tensions and fear created by the West will shoot up oil prices. While it may not affect the developed nations, it will definitely hurt us. Why should we pay the price for the ambitions of the West? India needs to seize the opportunity to tell the world that its interests in Iran extend much beyond oil.

Syed Abbas Haider,


Recent events in Georgia, India and Thailand have resulted in a spate of Israeli accusations against Iran. Add to that the show of nuclear arsenal by Iran and the ban on oil supply to European nations, and we have a perfect recipe for disaster. India and China are the only nations which can defuse the tension now.

Prathit Charan Misra,


The addition of 3000 centrifuges to its uranium enrichment effort is a victory for Iran against the challenges and threats posed by the U.S. and other western nations. Tehran must ensure that it does not use nuclear power for any destructive purpose.

R. Jishi,


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