The spot-fixing scandal involving S. Sreesanth and his teammates in Rajasthan Royals has brought into the open the huge corruption prevailing in the Indian Premier League matches. IPL should be banned. One-day matches should also be banned. Most of those playing IPL matches are very young and can be easily tempted by the offer of a few lakhs. Bookies can lure them with other inducements too. The younger generation of cricketers has a bad example before it. As for the BCCI, it should be dismantled and the government should take it over. Its accounts should be audited and presented in Parliament.

P. Ramasubramani,


Unscrupulous elements, with a view to exploiting the immature youths, make available to them large sums of money. Match-fixing and spot-fixing involve huge networks. They work relentlessly across the globe. All those who have a role in the ugly episode should be punished. And cricketers arrested for spot-fixing should be banned from all forms of cricketing activity without a second thought. IPL does not contribute to the quality of the game. We can afford to live without it.

Nanda Kumar Kuri,


Those supporting the IPL should realise that the League was never set up to help Indian cricket in any way. It was just a heady response to the Indian Cricket League. Everyone knows that in a venture that involves big corporate houses, film stars and huge money, not everything can be right.

Apurva Tiwari,


“Limitations,” “restrictions,” “wait and watch” are terminologies to gain time. Cricket, which has become commercial and political, cannot remain untouched by corruption. That rules are framed with loopholes is a well known secret.

Vathsala Jayaraman,


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