The non-recognition of new slums is a serious problem for the urban poor (“India’s invisible population,” Oct. 19). It leads to lack of basic services like drinking water, electricity and education along with security issues. Resettlement is not a good idea because it has a huge social impact on those living in slums for years.

Mahendra Nath Gorle,


The government’s plan to uproot the urban poor and relocate them to resettlement areas is no solution. The focus should be on recognising new slums and equipping them with basic amenities.

Anubha Chaudhary,

New Delhi

No scheme can be successful unless the growing invisible population in slums is controlled. The PURA (Provision of Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) model of development should be given as much importance as JNNURM and RAY. If implemented well, PURA will curb migration from villages to cities.

Goutham Sirasani,


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