Propriety demands the resignation of Justice (retired) A.K. Ganguly as Chairman of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission now that the law intern’s affidavit has been made public (Dec. 17). His holding on to his post is an insult to the high office.

Gigi Mohan, Thiruvananthapuram

It is strange that Justice Ganguly is upset that the contents of the affidavit have been made public. It is important that he quit office and allow a fair investigation. The government must explore judicial options to prosecute the accused rather than citing technical reasons to allow him to continue in his constitutional post.

R. Ganesan, Chennai

The Supreme Court’s soft approach in the law intern case (Dec. 17) is a bit surprising given that the same institution has pulled up governments on different occasions for not ensuring women’s safety and not doing enough to curb harassment at the workplace. We are a democratic country where the judiciary commands high public trust and respect. The court must set an example on the universal applicability of the rule of law.

Arsh Panwar, Bathinda

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