The article “International law only for weaker states?” (Dec.20) confirms the existential truth that a weak person/nation will never command respect and recognition. Today, America and China have clout precisely because of their economic strengths and then the ability to violate the norms of global treaties/ obligations, whenever and wherever their interests are at stake. India’s sovereignty will blossom only through its economic might.

Parthasarathy Sen,

New Delhi

It reminds one of the message the recent American movie, Captain Phillips” sends out: “What belongs to America is American. What belongs to you is also American. What belongs to none is also American.” This reflects both the U.S.’s confidence and arrogance, manifested through its refusal to join global treaties and flouting international laws, including the Vienna Convention.

Aijaz Hussain Malik,

New Delhi


International law only for weaker states?December 20, 2013

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