The UPA government’s move to form a Group of Ministers to draft a law to shield the Central Bureau of Investigation from external influence is welcome. The Opposition is not wrong in saying that the CBI is the Congress Bureau of Investigation, given its record in the recent past. It is well known that the CBI adopts go-slow tactics or dilutes the case when it comes to dealing with those at the helm of affairs. The agency is used by its political bosses to beat their adversaries. The Supreme Court rap seems to have worked.

H.P. Murali,


It would be great if the GoM suggests ways to make the CBI truly autonomous without ifs and buts. This will ensure that the agency is not misused and it does a professional job.

V. Padmanabhan,


With the court lambasting the government for interfering with the CBI probe status report on Coalgate and describing the agency as a “caged parrot,” the government is left with no alternative but to pretend to act. All members on the panel belong to the ruling party. They may pretend to give the CBI autonomy but will appoint their own men to head the agency.

N. Mahadevan,



Time to let the caged bird singMay 11, 2013

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