This refers to media reports quoting some politicians that a full meal can be eaten for Rs. 12, Rs. 5 and so on. Those who lead five star lifestyles cannot empathise with the common man. It is a cruel joke on the poor to claim that a person can eat a meal for Rs. 5 or even Re. 1. Perhaps the Parliament canteen sells food cheap. Our MPs should allow people access to it. Or those who make such statements should open food stalls and sell food for Rs. 5. The food that has remained the cheapest for decades in Delhi is mattar kulcha sold on the roadside. It is now priced between Rs 20 and Rs 30 depending on the location.

Mahesh Kumar,

New Delhi

Thanks to the highly subsidised services and goods they enjoy, our leaders fail to see reality. They should stop making irrational and insensitive statements which rub salt on the wounds of hapless people.

Ashish Gupta,

New Delhi

Keywords: poverty

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