The editorial “The insensitive Indian” (May 7) should be read by all those who look down upon people from the North-East. Many people, including students, come to mainland India due to socio-political unrest and lack of career opportunities in the region. Some universities even reserve seats for students from the North-East. However, racial discrimination and assault on women from the region are increasing in big cities. Subir Bhaumik who edits Seven Sisters Post from Guwahati pointed out in a television interview recently that when he was a student in JNU in the 1980s, instances of racial targeting were fewer in number. We hope the “zero-tolerance” promised by the government will send a strong message to the insensitive Indian.

Mohammad Imtiyaj Khan, Mysore

I would like to appreciate The Hindu for giving wide coverage to the North-East situation. It is more than 60 years since we became an independent nation. We ought to accept, respect and treasure our nation's cultural and ethnic diversity.

Metao Y. Jami, New Delhi

The physical harassment and mental torture of North-East students studying or living in the “mainland” are increasing with each passing day. If the Australians are “racist” because of some stray incidents of attack on Indian students studying there, the attacks on the North-Easterners here are no different. While many Australian goons have been sentenced for their barbaric acts, we are yet to hear of punishment to those who assault or rape their own people from the North-East.

Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata

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