Innocence of Muslims, a third grade movie made by an imbecile man, has succeeded in its intent of provoking the masses — if Tuesday’s protests and violence in Chennai were an indicator. The best and easiest way to foil the designs of those who seek to provoke is to ignore the work and the person behind it. Unfortunately, the gullible masses are easily aroused by the thundering tone of political leaders, cause hardship and losses to the common man, and end up giving eminence to undeserving characters. I found the content of the movie abhorrent and condemnable but as a spectator to the incessant protests in Chennai, I couldn’t help but wonder at the “innocence of the masses.”

Athher Ahmed,


Muslim organisations could have protested peacefully instead of attacking the U.S. Consulate in Chennai. The Consulate officials are innocent and have nothing to do with the film. Unfortunately, Chennai will be seen henceforth by foreign countries as another hotbed of communal unrest.

Many Chennai residents go to the U.S. for various reasons. What if the attacks influence the minds of officials granting visas? We should remember that ours is a land of non-violence and Islam is a religion of peace.

T.S. Viswanathan,


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