Praveen Togadia has been making inflammatory speeches against minorities for a long time now(“Togadia’s ‘hate speech’ video under EC scanner,” April 22). But I do not remember a time ever when concrete action has been taken against him. It is strange that even though his hate speeches are there on camera, he continues to get away scot-free. Every day, people throng the courts trying to get justice and bail for their dear and near ones. Why such double standards for the peddlers of hate? Mr. Togadia’s constant threats against the minorities will only sow the seeds of hate and vitiate the peaceful atmosphere in the country.

T. Anand Raj,


The reported rounds of hate speech by Bihar leader Giriraj Singh and Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Mr. Togadia are sickening. Apart from vitiating the election atmosphere, they damage both the image of the BJP and Mr. Modi, and go against the stated policies of equality and inclusive growth in that party’s manifesto. Even though the BJP has attempted to wash its hands of them and say that Mr. Togadia is not a member of the party, it can still act in a tougher way.

A.S. Srinivasan,


As the cries for implementing the Gujarat model grow louder by the day, it appears as if that hunger is only for financial development. The “go to Pakistan” and “deny Muslims properties” speeches expose the double faces of those who advocate development on the one side and division on the other. These issues warrant a debate on the claim that Gujarat is a highly developed State.

Arjun S. Ajay,


It is the right of any Indian to hold property and live wherever he or she likes, as enshrined and guaranteed in the Constitution. The Supreme Court must suo motu order an inquiry and instruct Mr. Togadia to rein in his thoughts of hatred.

V. Balasubramanian,


Mr. Togadia’s call to divide people on the basis of where they live is shocking and deserves to be condemned. After Mr. Giriraj Singh and his shocker, here comes Mr. Togadia who has joined the bandwagon of leaders from the Sangh Parivar intent on poisoning the atmosphere with communal vitriol. The Election Commission should stop pussyfooting around and face the issue head-on. Strong action is needed to nip such hate campaigns in the bud.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan,


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