One hopes Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s new mantra — India first — is not seasonal. It should be made part of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s ideology. If Mr. Modi is serious about becoming Prime Minister, he should distance himself from the Hindutva policy of his party.

He should worry more about the Indian electorate than about U.S. and U.K. B-schools. Acceptance by global agencies will be pointless if he is not firmly grounded in India.

P.S.S. Murthy,


For Mr. Modi, secularism means ‘India first.’ Ok. But what about Indians? Do they include women and people of different communities and faiths? Mr. Modi must realise that by using some rosy words, he cannot clear himself of the charge that the Gujarat pogrom took place under his watch. Unless he tenders a sincere apology for the post-Godhra carnage and ensures speedy justice to the victims, his so-called definition of secularism will remain worthless and hollow.

Firoz Rozindar,


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