Hats off to R. Ramani for his patience towards the BSNL staff (“Caught in the Net for one long week,” Open Page, Oct. 24). It is time the oldest and largest public sector telecom company looked into customer service.

The government needs to revamp the organisation by imparting management training to its employees, especially in the area of customer service. Procedures should be simplified and an effort made to achieve a paperless office.

Vedula Krishna,


I have a BSNL net connection and it is functioning very well. Every time I have a problem, it is attended to with as much efficiency as any private operator, sometimes even better. It is true that there are areas of improvement but that is so with private operators too. There is no justification for the BSNL- bashing the author has indulged in.

J. Raghunathan,


My experience with BSNL is totally different. I have had problems with my Internet — in most cases, it happens after the PC has been repaired by some local technician. I get the BSNL helpline within a couple of attempts. Its service personnel do call back within an hour or so.

When my modem was burnt out, I was asked to take it to the nearest BSNL office. I was told that I would have to go in for a new modem, and that the cost would be added to my next telephone bill. I got a newly configured modem within an hour. We must learn to appreciate the service standards of PSUs.

L.R. Jayaraman,


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